Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Organize Your Lipsticks/Gloss

I am need desperate need of organizing all of my lippies, so I had to check out eBay as usual and I came across this organizer/display.... PERFECT!!

It is made of acrylic and can hold 60 lipsticks + 10 testers = 70 lippies! The seller I purchased it from says it can hold almost any lipstick/gloss, we shall see, but I'm more than excited because my lipstick draw is a mess!!

Organizer can also be attached to walls using two metal U-Hooks that comes with organizer/display. I paid $24.99 + 10.99 for shipping. Click here for actual link!


  1. Glad you found it! AzarDisplays is the original manufacturer/vendor. They have some wonderful organization solutions. You can download the catalog or ask for a hard copy. I found them by watching organization vids on YT.
    You may be able to save some money. I'm looking to reorganize my stuff too. :O) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the info sis!! I'm adding it to my bookmarks!