Friday, September 18, 2009

Mystery written by: Ummilkhair Paul

He slowly undressed me
As I licked his lips.
He caressed my back,
His kiss… as smooth
As sweet
as a Hershey’s Kiss.
The scent of vanilla
Fills the room,
and intoxicates my mind.
So slowly, so sensual
We touched… we loved
we danced to a slow grind.
I feel multiple hands brush
Against my face, cupping my breasts
Caressing my thighs.
I’m drowning in ecstasy,
I’m so… high.
I’m lost in my own world
Wait… I’m falling!
Spiraling downward
I can’t breathe…
Take a breath
Breathe deep
So deep
I cry… he’s not here
I was sleep!!