Sunday, November 28, 2010

Virgin Malaysian Hair w/Bangs

New hair change my lovelies!! So I took out my Milkyway install in exchange for some Malaysian hair, I really wanted to see what the big hoop-la was about, and I'm glad I did...
WHOA!! This hair is super Fabulous, Luxurious and Beautiful!!!!

The bangs however is not the Malaysian hair, I used some of the leftover Milkway, I was not about to cut that expensive hair, lol!! I also went longer, I have 16 and 18 inches. I have had this install for only a week, and everyone loves it. I received the hair from my sister (who sells wefts as well as lace front and full lace units) and she has an eBay page, so check her items out!

My sis Jachelle of MusemeOverHair installed this as well as all my other weaves. She's the only person that has ever done my weave, except my other sister who did it once! But Jachelle is very talented and has done hair for various photo/video shoots, fashion shows, magazines... she has also done Teyana Taylor, Gloria Velez and Kid Sister's hair, to name a few. She does her own hair as well!

Hopefully, I will be doing a YT vid pretty soon, so stay tuned!



  1. u look beautiful hun,loving the new hairstyle it suits u very well

  2. wow, gorgeous. you are so blessed to have a loving sister who does your hair. :O) plz share...what's on your lips girl. bangin!

  3. I'm moving to NY so I can get my hair done by your sister! Lol! I want to get a sew-in soon, I just have to find someone I trust to do it right!